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We research ‘tipping point skills’: the smallest changes that make the biggest impact in the shortest time. Our programs include short, fun, interactive, and science-based workshops that transform critical skills into lasting habits.



We developed the CORE Program by combining research in psychology with years of our own findings. The program consists of two parts, CORE 1 and CORE 2, and is designed to give participants core skills to become great people leaders.

Workshop content can be foundational (ideal for first-time managers) and leveled up for experienced manager, director, and executive audiences.

Each Manager CORE series is 5 workshops (2 hours each, 10 participants max, taught in person or virtually).


Coaching Skills

In this workshop, you will learn the fundamental tool of great leaders: how to use questions to engage, empower, and improve performance in your direct reports. Through a series of science-based exercises you will learn how to help your reports become more self sufficient, resolve their own problems, and make more valuable contributions to your team.

Feedback Skills

Knowing how to give feedback that is specific, actionable, and motivating is the hallmark of a strong manager. In this lab, you’ll practice the science and art of giving, receiving, and asking for effective feedback, even in tough situations. 

Productivity & Prioritization

This workshop bundles the most effective techniques for working smarter when time and resources are limited. You’ll learn to diagnose your and your team’s productivity challenges and walk away with tools for improving time awareness, prioritization, organization, and focus for yourself and others.

Effective 1-1s

The one-on-one is one of the best opportunities to track your direct reports’ development and engagement, but most of us don’t put this time to good use. You’ll walk away from this workshop with a plan for how to transform your 1-1s into productive, motivating, and energizing sessions.

Manager Intensive 1

You’ve learned how to coach, give feedback well, help people prioritize, and hold effective 1-1s. Now it’s time to refresh your skills and apply them to challenging situations and difficult conversations, so you are prepared for anything that might come your way as a manager. We’ll quickly review what you learned, and then spend 90% of this workshop applying these skills to tough management scenarios. This workshop is both a confidence boost (you leave it feeling like you can handle any situation) and a personal development boost, taking you to the next level in your skill set as a manager.



Strategic Thinking

When things move fast, it’s easy to get stuck in a short-term mindset. To scale and collaborate well, you and your team need to think and execute strategically. In this workshop, you’ll sharpen your long-term thinking skills and practice tools for selecting strategic focus, involving the right stakeholders, making good decisions, communicating the planning, and monitoring execution.

Meetings Mastery

We spend so much of our time in meetings, yet few people are trained to be outstanding meeting leaders. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to engineer meetings that are useful, productive, and energizing. You will learn the formula behind good and bad meetings and how to quickly fix meeting problems as they occur, including topics that go off track, sidebars, over- or under-participation, and decisions that are stalled. You will leave feeling confident in your ability to optimize the meetings you are in, even when you aren’t in charge.

Leading Change

Change is the only constant in innovative organizations, so we need to know how to handle it well and help others adapt. In this workshop, you’ll discover what happens neurologically when we experience change, and learn easy techniques to reduce resistance and increase inspiration, commitment, and decisive action in yourself and others. You will practice devising solutions and crafting communication using a change template that makes you a more effective and inspiring leader and coworker.

People Development

Do you know how to bring out the best in your people? In this workshop, you will learn how to structure the types of conversations your direct reports crave in just a few minutes each week. You’ll walk away with tools to help coach your reports to sculpt their tasks, reframe their challenges, and create a skill development plan for themselves even when there are no clear career paths available.

Manager Intensive 2

You’ve learned to think strategically, facilitate meetings well, lead change, and grow your team’s capacity. Now it’s time to refresh your skills and apply them to tough situations, so you are ready to take on any challenge. We’ll do a flash review of CORE 2 tools, then apply them to tricky management scenarios so you leave even more prepared and confident.


What differentiates your most effective individual contributors? It turns out that just a few key skills tip over into a wide range of roles and contexts. The IC CORE Program equips your employees with these skills, resulting in personal and organizational success. All skills complement the Manager CORE, resulting in company-wide impact.

The IC CORE series is 5 workshops (2 hours each, 30 participants max, taught in person or virtually).

Influential Communication

Research reveals that one of the most valuable (but least known) abilities you need to communicate well and influence effectively is inquiry skills: how to use the right question at the right moment. In this lab, you’ll deepen your question skills so that you instinctively word questions in ways that earn influence, resolve problems, and motivate people to take action.

Feedback Skills

Knowing how to give feedback, ask for feedback, and optimize the feedback you get is an essential life and leadership skill. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to share what you are thinking in a way that helps other people accept and act on your message. You will also learn how to ask for feedback and handle feedback you don’t agree with. You will leave feeling confident in your ability to say things well, even when the message is difficult.

Productivity & Prioritization

This lab bundles the most effective techniques for working smarter when time and resources are limited. You’ll learn to diagnose your own productivity challenges and walk away with tools for improving your time awareness, prioritization, organization, and focus.

Career Growth

No matter what point you are at in your career, one of the most important skills you can learn is how to develop yourself, understand next steps that would be best for you, and create the right opportunities for yourself. In this workshop, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, learn how to expand your network, and identify the easiest opportunities to grow your skills. You’ll walk away with confidence in your ability to take charge of your own career (even if there are no clear career paths available).

IC Practice Intensive

You’ve learned how to ask questions that earn influence and create clarity, give and receive feedback, manage time well, and own your career growth. Now it’s time to refresh your skills and apply them to challenging situations and difficult conversations, so you are prepared for anything that might come your way at work. We’ll review what you learned in our previous workshops, assess your strengths and areas for further development, and then spend 80% of this workshop practicing. This session is a confidence boost (you leave feeling like you can handle any situation, using tools you already know well) and a personal development boost, taking you to the next level of mastery.


Looking to make sweeping change across your org? We support the initiatives below through a combination of resources (like templates and checklists), consulting, and live workshops – taught in person or virtually.

Behaviors of Inclusion

Build awareness, shared vocabulary (to make scary conversations easier), and learn to be an advocate for yourself and others.

(2 hours, 30 participants max)

Feedback Skills

Help employees at all levels develop feedback skills, confidence, shared norms and vocabulary to take the fear out of tough conversations.

(2 hours, 10 participants for execs and managers; 30 for ICs)

Managing Distributed Employees

Learn the unique challenges of remote and distributed employees, and increase their engagement by adopting simple but powerful leadership and team habits.

(2 hours, 10 participants max)

High Performance Team Session (HPT)

In this HPT intensive, teams build greater cohesion, productivity, and communication, as they drastically cut down the time it takes to build trust and do great work together.

(4 hours, 15 participants max)


Show employees—at all levels—you’re investing in their development. Offer an enriching workshop every month or every other month (each workshop is 2 hours, 30 participants max, in person or virtual).

Delivery Skills

When leading a meeting, giving a presentation, or handling difficult conversations, your body language often matters as much as the words you use. In this workshop, we use hacks from advanced perception research to make small changes in your delivery style, leading to a big improvement in the ability to be persuasive and connect with an audience. We cut through the obvious stuff that everyone knows and move straight to the things that make the biggest difference.

Personality & Work Styles

Take part in a series of small experiments to explore your personality and work patterns (based on the MBTI framework). You will leave with greater self-awareness and insight. You’ll also learn a unique skill called personality flexing: the ability to read the work and communication preferences of coworkers and adjust your style to work more effectively with others.

Negotiation Skills

Do you know how to negotiate a resolution that benefits everyone involved and earns you a great reputation? In this lab, you’ll learn to overcome the barriers to successful negotiation. You will walk away with skills and knowledge to reach win-win outcomes in everyday work scenarios.

Behavioral Interviewing

In this workshop, you’ll understand the psychology of unconscious bias and uncover your own biases (and how they might be impacting your life and work). Most importantly, you’ll also learn how to develop behaviors of inclusion – habits that improve the way you communicate, collaborate, and advocate for yourself and others.

People Reading

Can you tell when someone has a question but is hesitating to ask? Can you spot when someone’s emotions don’t match their words? In this lab, you will get trained in a unique skill: detecting facial micro-expressions that reveal what someone is truly feeling. You’ll learn how to become a better people-reader and when to pause, talk more, pivot, or ask questions. This is the same training provided to members of the police department and special investigations units.

Crafting Surprise & Delight

On the surface, when we are surprised, our faces look comically empty, but inside the brain, surprise is one of the richest emotions. Surprise is at the heart of attention, interest, learning, and connection. In this workshop, participants will discover the little-known psychology of surprise and collect tools to design surprise and delight into any interaction, project, or experience.


  • Keynotes for events
  • Retreat and offsite workshops for groups of all sizes
  • Facilitated discussions and planning sessions
  • Programs for specialized audiences
    (e.g., sales professionals, engineering leads, high potential leaders, women leaders)
  • Organizational consulting
    (e.g., performance reviews, onboarding, employee engagement, manager competencies)