Client Reviews

We’ve taught more than 300,000 managers, execs, and individuals contributors at 1,000+ amazing companies. We love our clients, and the feeling is mutual! When asked how likely they are to recommend LifeLabs, clients give us an average score of 9.6 out of 10. Here’s why (in their own words):


“As Instacart was scaling in hyper-growth mode, it was critical to invest in management and leadership training. I would strongly recommend having LifeLabs come in and do their magic for any institution looking to invest in people."
Bala Subramaniam Dr. of Product


“GIPHY is obsessed with LifeLabs. Not only did we learn a ton, but our instructors made the courses fun and engaging. We walked away with tools that were easy to remember and implement immediately.”
Romy Saplicki Head of People Ops


“This has been one of the best partnerships of my 18 year career – incredible, authentic, and knowledgeable. You’re talking about a crew that knows what they’re doing!”
Rachell Morris Head of HR


“Everyone has been super informational, super communicative, and no one ever drops the ball. LifeLabs is so organized, they have everything down to a science (even scheduling)!"
Chelsea Lee Employee Experience


“What a difference one LifeLabs workshop made. I’m still putting the tools to work 6 months later – happier and more effective than ever. I even teach my coworkers what I learned when they come to me with problems.”
Will Cole Product Manager


“Our employees consistently highlight the practical application of the content and energy of the facilitators. All agree the sessions have been a valuable use of their time.”
Kyle Grubman Senior Talent Manager


“LifeLabs is an incredible resource for individuals and/or companies. I would not have made it to the next step in my career without their support!”
Ali Albiani Product Designer


“My experience with LifeLabs trainings has been fantastic. I’ve taken a lot of these trainings over the years. LifeLabs had the densest, most actionable content of the ones I’ve taken.”
Jay Hanlon VP of People


“Every person that has ever presented from LifeLabs does an amazing job. They are super engaging and really passionate about what they are talking about."
Katie Hopkins Head of Talent


“I love LifeLabs. Their trainings are really practical and give managers tools they can use immediately, and it’s been amazing.”
Camille Hayden People Ops Manager


"We've seen tangible results in the increased effectiveness of our managers after going through their foundational CORE program, and our employees line up every quarter to participate!"
Hadil Senno Stokes People & Culture


“We love that every LifeLabs workshop is both research-based and practice-based. Our employees continually rave about the workshops and facilitators!”
Jenny Weston Product Manager


“The curriculum was fantastic. The information was pithy, interesting, and, most importantly, actionable in a way that every employee walked away with at least one new skill they could use immediately.”
Ross Goldenberg Co-Founder


“You can just tell that the facilitators have seen it in action in the workplace and they have researched it and they have really great responses whenever there is a question about other topics that were brought up.”
Yuliya Mykhaylovska Recruiting


“LifeLabs helped transform our young management team into true company leaders who are now dynamic enough to thrive within a competitive atmosphere.”
Sarah Lavorgna VP of People


“So many employees have reached out letting me know how helpful the workshops have been in shifting our culture.”
Natasha Diamond HR Director


“If you work on a team, get LifeLabs to do a session. Pretty much the most useful workshops I've ever gone to.”
Matthew Hamilton Product Manager


“The hands-on and research-based curriculum has been foundational for upgrading our capabilities as leaders and managers. There is a clear inflection point in my team's results and my career since taking training courses with LifeLabs.”
William Ting Engineering Manager


“The lessons really stuck with me because I was able to immediately put them into practice. I would HIGHLY recommend these workshops.”
Marisa Beltramini Experience Lead


“The team continually references and incorporates learnings from our workshops. They've left an indelible impact on our team's performances and our company culture.”
Lynley Flanagan People Ops Manager


“LifeLabs is a delight for me to work with thanks to their support with strategy, marketing, and organization leading up to the workshops. Add to that their expert content which our employees have described as their favorite courses GoPro offers!”
Lissa Healy OD Manager


“LifeLabs training has not only empowered me to become a better manager, but they've also enhanced my relationships in and outside of the workplace. I highly recommend them to anyone!”
Monti Bray Education & Experience