Zoe Goodman

About Zoe

Zoe Goodman
Director of Sales & Client Experience

Zoe co-leads the fabulous LifeLabs Learning Consulting team and focuses primarily on creating an exceptional client experience. She is an experienced leadership development program designer and evaluator. Zoe has consulted with more than 125 companies to design, launch, and measure the success of their learning and development initiatives – all in support of greater employee engagement and more inclusive workplaces. She especially enjoys working with clients to align (and scale!) their systems with the skills they value most. Pre-LifeLabs Learning, Zoe was a middle school teacher and the director of various leadership development programs.

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The LifeLabs Learning value that most resonates with me and why: The LifeLabs Learning value that resonates most with me is Always Be Learning. I love to learn new things, languages, and skills, meet new people, travel… Anything that helps me connect better with people brings me joy! At LifeLabs, I love that I get to learn about the amazing companies we work with, nerd out on psych research, and work on building our internal systems all at once!

Pronouns: she/her

Languages spoken: English (fluent), Spanish and Latin (conversational)

Fun fact: I relocated to Maui in 2020 and have been learning to surf, which has been an absolute blast. I love finding new local spots to paddle out, and I’m really good at spectacular falls (and getting right back on the board and trying again).

Nicknames at LifeLabs: Zo, Z-Bear, Z, Chloe Hughes, or “Hey you, with the peanut butter cups, can I have one?”