Tiq Milan

About Tiq

Tiq is a world-renowned speaker and thought leader on the topics of inclusion, bias reduction, and gender variance. He has been a lecturer at Harvard, Stanford, and Brown and has been featured in the New York TimesHuffPost, Rolling Stone, BET, MSNBC, and TED (where his TED talk has over 1 million views). He also advises a wide range of organizations (including Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Tumblr) in effective employee recruiting, hiring, and retention practices.

Tiq's Courses

Inclusive Interviewing, November 30

Conduct interviews fairly and effectively while creating an inclusive candidate experience and improving your hiring decisions.

Behaviors of Inclusion, Feb 8th, 2021

Learn the psychology of unconscious bias and the ways in which bias interferes with our ability to think clearly and bring out the best in ourselves and others.

Coaching Skills, April 19th, 2021

Learn the fundamental skill of great leaders: how to develop your reports so that they become high performers.

Feedback Skills, Feb 1st, 2021

Learn how to give feedback that’s specific, actionable, and motivating – even when the conversation is tough.

Productivity & Prioritization, Feb 15th, 2021

Identify the best use of your time and walk away with tools to help you and your team manage your priorities effectively.