Tigger Huisinga

About Tigger

Tigger Huisinga
Hiring Coordinator

As Hiring Coordinator, Tigger helps the Hiring & Onboarding team make candidates feel supported, included, and celebrated by creating an efficient and enjoyable candidate experience for prospective new Labmates. She has a background in direct social services with a passion for advocacy, empathy, and accessibility. Tigger’s areas of expertise include community engagement and DEI.

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The LifeLabs Learning value that most resonates with me and why: Be Kind to Your Mind is the LifeLabs Learning value that resonates most with me. I spent 7 years working in social services and healthcare, where it was incredibly difficult to ask for space or breaks. As someone who enjoys staying busy, I sometimes have a difficult time saying “no.” I’m still learning what recharges me, what grounds me, and what brings me joy and peace. I appreciate being actively encouraged to do things for myself that are good for my overall well-being, instead of being expected to be a working machine 24/7. I am trying to lean into the fact that healing, resting, and exploring are all productive things essential to a well-rounded life.

Pronunciation guide: Tigger (Tee-eye-double guh-er) Huisinga (hye-zing-guh)

Pronouns: she/her, comfortable with they/them

Languages spoken: English (fluent), ASL (conversational)

Fun fact: I was a gymnast for 15 years!

Nickname at LifeLabs: Tiggs