Terance Booker

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Terance Booker

Terance holds a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership and a Master’s degree in Psychology. His background and experience include training and work in behavioral health, customer success management, and people operations. Terance’s areas of expertise include leadership, coaching, and strategy development.

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The LifeLabs Learning value that most resonates with me and why: The LifeLabs value that most resonates with me most is Always Be Learning. This value aligns with my personal life value of teaching what I know, no matter how small, and learning all I can to share with my community.

Pronunciation guide: Terance (TEAR-ants)

Pronouns: he/him

Languages spoken: English (fluent)

Fun fact: I aspire to be a chess grandmaster before I die!

Nickname at LifeLabs: Booker