Sheena Varghese

About Sheena

Sheena Varghese
Program Consultant

As a Program Consultant, Sheena partners with clients to diagnose their needs and design the right learning programs. Before LifeLabs Learning, she spent over 10 years in educational leadership scaling district special education programs and has a Master’s degree in education. Sheena is passionate about helping organizations design, implement, and evaluate L&D programs that maximize impact and retention over time.

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The LifeLabs Learning value that most resonates with me and why: Always Be Learning! There is always more to learn, and there are always ways to optimize the situation at hand. This value encourages me to operate from a place of humility and optimism as I take on new challenges.

Pronunciation guide: Varghese (Var – GEESE)

Pronouns: she/her

Languages spoken: English (fluent), Malayalam (conversational)

Fun fact: I’ve painted murals in three countries outside of the US!