Ryan McElhenie

About Ryan

Ryan McElhenie
Program Consultant

Ryan is the primary point of contact for 50+ clients at LifeLabs Learning in setting up all logistics to launch their programs successfully. Ryan has worked as an executive recruiter in the IT and engineering fields and as a corporate trainer. His area of specialization is finding right-fit talent for optimum training and performance.

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The LifeLabs Learning value that most resonates with me and why: I resonate most with Always Be Learning because I am always trying to figure out how and why everything works. I also love sharing new insights with others to help in their learning journey–and I appreciate being somewhere that I get to do this every day!

Pronunciation guide: McElhenie (MACK-el-hen-ee)

Pronouns: he/him

Languages spoken: English (fluent)

Fun fact: I created a “Three Word Sentence” (TWS) abbreviation system to communicate in shorthand with my twin brother.

Nickname at LifeLabs: Ry