Laura Wolfley-Payán

About Laura

Laura Wolfley-Payán
Hiring Specialist

As a Hiring Specialist, Laura helps us hire world-class humans to join our team by creating an effective, delightful, and values-aligned candidate experience. Laura has a background in project management and quality control.

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The LifeLabs Learning value that most resonates with me and why: Courage Over Comfort is a value that resonates with me the most because it’s a value that I strive to incorporate more of in my own life. Often times, we choose comfort because it is a safe-space, a defense mechanism. Nonetheless, within this comfort zone, there is very little room for growth – growth is the most rewarding yet challenging thing any person can experience. It’s a value and quality that I admire and cherish because it shows that you are invested in your own personal growth journey to be the best you. I say, if you are scared or are fearful of doing something, accomplishing something, aspiring to your goals, etc., do it with fear! Do it anyways.

Pronunciation guide: Laura (La-oo-rah) Pronounced in Spanish. The “rah” is not a hard ‘r’ like in Raw. It’s a soft roll of the tongue. Check out “Laura no está” (Spanish Version) or “Laura non c’è” (Italian Version) by Nek for a fun audio on how to pronounce Laura.

Pronouns: she/her

Languages spoken: English and Spanish (fluent), Italian (conversational)

Fun fact: I was born in Colombia, moved to Texas when I was about a year old, then Connecticut, then back to Colombia, then to Maine, then to Denmark, then to Italy, then back to Maine and then to Austin, TX and maybe soon Denver, CO.

Nickname at LifeLabs: Don’t have one, yet, (new here!!) but friends and family call me all sorts of nicknames. The list is a little exhaustive but a snippet is Lali, Lala, Wolf, Lauris, Laura Maria.