Kevin Knox

About Kevin

Kevin has a background in working with professional athletes, college athletes, coaches, and teams on wellness, personal development, and building a mastery mindset. His current areas of focus include storytelling and communications, strategic thinking, and leadership development. Kevin has Master’s degrees in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Theology.

Kevin's Courses

Meetings Mastery, August 31: 10-12pm ET

Lead masterful meetings, moving groups from discussion to action, making sure every voice is heard (even when you aren’t in charge).

Strategic Thinking: August 17, 10am-12pm ET

Strengthen long-term planning and strategic thinking skills, and practice tools for execution, including decision making and inclusive project design.

Delivery Skills, June 7: 4-6pm ET

Capture an audience’s attention, help people remember your message, and come across as both high in credibility and likability (even under pressure).