Jamie Brancazio

About Jamie

Jamie Brancazio
Program Consultant Lead

As a Program Consultant Lead, Jamie helps clients design learning programs optimized for impact and retention over time. Jamie leverages her background in sociology and experience at high-growth startups to help companies of all sizes scale their culture and employee programs as they grow in size and geographic distribution.

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The LifeLabs Learning value that most resonates with me and why: I resonate most with Always Be Learning because it is perfectly aligned with my innate curiosity. I appreciate working on a team where we have regular dedicated time to learning, generous and skilled feedback givers, and opportunities to learn are met with “how fascinating.”

Pronunciation guide: Brancazio (Bran-KA-zee-oh)

Pronouns: she/her

Languages spoken: English (fluent), Spanish (conversational)

Fun fact: I am the resident inventor of the imaginary quarantine product Corner Forts (aka, when you sit in a corner with a blanket over your head).

Nickname at LifeLabs: Jamie B