Jack Nicolaus

About Jack

Jack’s area of expertise is in leadership development, with a focus on diversity and inclusion and the use of storytelling as a tool to drive behavioral change. He has facilitated trainings around the globe across a wide range of companies (from startups to Fortune 100 organizations). He has a Masters in Education from Harvard University and a BA from UCLA.

Jack's Courses

Effective 1-1s, Dec 3, 2020

Put your 1-1 time to good use by focusing on your reports’ progress, roadblocks, development, and engagement.

Productivity & Prioritization, Nov 19, 2020

Identify the best use of your time and walk away with tools to help you and your team manage your priorities effectively.

Feedback Skills, Nov 5, 2020

Learn how to give feedback that’s specific, actionable, and motivating – even when the conversation is tough.

Coaching Skills, Oct 22, 2020

Learn the fundamental skill of great leaders: how to develop your reports so that they become high performers.

Negotiation Skills, October 5

Learn to overcome the barriers to successful negotiation and walk away with skills and knowledge to reach win-win outcomes in everyday work scenarios.