Chelsea Villareal

About Chelsea

Chelsea Villareal

Chelsea’s expertise is in cross-cultural communication, with a focus on helping leaders and teams cultivate community and belonging. She has been a facilitator, curriculum developer, translator, and university lecturer and led educational programs in the US, Jordan, Egypt, and Spain. They have a Master’s degree in Arabic linguistics and have conducted research on language and gender identity.

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The LifeLabs Learning value that most resonates with me and why: For me, Open the Circle is the value that underpins all the others. My work and overall mission in life centers around my commitment to a vision of a world in which people are free to live authentically and experience deep connectedness to themselves and others.

Pronunciation guide: Chelsea (CHEL-see) Villareal (VEE-yah-rae-al)

Pronouns: they/them or she/her

Languages spoken: English and Arabic – MSA and Levantine (fluent), Spanish (conversational)

Fun fact: I worked in the food industry for 10 years and have done it all, from latte art to whole animal butchery.

Chelsea's Courses

CP – Inclusive Interviewing August 23, 2021

Conduct interviews fairly and effectively while creating an inclusive candidate experience and improving your hiring decisions.

CP – Career Growth, Aug 9, 2021

Understand your strengths and needs so you can take charge of your own personal and professional development.

CP – Adaptivity & Resilience, July 12, 2021

Practice techniques to stay calm, clear-minded, and adaptive even when things are quickly changing.

CP – Influential Communication, July 26, 2021

Earn influence, improve collaboration, and build relationships by adjusting how you communicate.

CP – Remote Excellence, June 24, 2021

There are easy ways to quickly (and forever) optimize the way you work when remote. Learn the habits and skills to engineer an optimal environment, workflow, and communication cycle with your manager and team.