Audrey Bradyhouse

About Audrey

Audrey Bradyhouse
Outbound Program Consultant

As an Outbound Program Consultant, Audrey helps clients design learning programs that are optimized for impact and retention over time. She has a background in EdTech communication software. Audrey’s areas of expertise include consulting, relationship building, and communication.

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The LifeLabs Learning value that most resonates with me and why: I resonate most with Always Be Learning because I am a student for life. You can usually find me reading multiple library books at once, trying new recipes, or trying a fitness class. Although learning can sometimes be messy and slow, nothing is better than that feeling when you finally “get it.” 

Pronunciation guide: Audrey (rhymes with tree) Bradyhouse [BRAY-dee-haus]

Pronouns: she/her

Languages spoken: English (fluent)

Fun Fact: I once spent a summer working on a vineyard in Beaujolais, France!