People Development, December 15: 4-6pm ET

Thursday, December 15th • 4-6pm ET • $250

Please note: This workshop is intended for current people managers.

One of the most common reasons employees switch jobs is that they don’t feel that they are learning and growing. Most managers assume the only way to give their reports a feeling of growth is through promotions, but this solution is limited – especially when career paths aren’t clear or there are skill gaps. Instead, talented managers help their teams find opportunities for development in their current roles, transforming every day at work into a new chance to stretch and grow. This workshop teaches them how.

During this workshop, participants will:
• Learn how an employee’s feeling of growth and development are linked to engagement and retention, and how to think about “developing people” as part of their everyday role.
• Discuss common challenges managers face when it comes to developing their reports, including how to handle skill gaps.
• Practice utilizing a “job crafting matrix” to help direct reports become more self-aware and gain momentum using task crafting, relational crafting, and cognitive crafting.
• Practice each component of a career coaching conversation, including helping direct reports think through growth opportunities using a 3Es Model: experience, education, and exposure.
• Practice moving people toward action, overcoming obstacles, stretching, and naming the win.
• Explore opportunities to integrate development into everyday tasks and conversations.
• Learn how to strategically think about team-wide development: succession planning and future skills that will be needed to hit ideal targets.
• Practice turning any conversation into a development opportunity, including “adaptive development”- how to help people develop skills quickly in uncertain times or shifting roles.
• Discuss how to put what they learned in this workshop into action in the week ahead.

After this workshop, participants will know how to:
• Support their reports in creating a growth plan
• Give their direct reports the attention they need to continually develop
• Help perpetuate a learning culture by regularly extracting insights from experiences

Workshop location

This workshop is taught online, with a live facilitator. Once you complete your payment, you’ll receive dial-in and worksheet links a few days prior to workshop.

What you'll need

To make the workshop a great experience for all, you will need:

1. Computer with functioning camera (so we can see you)

2. Headset with microphone (so we can hear you)

3. Pen and paper

4. A nice quiet place to dial in from

Details & Tickets


Thursday, December 15th

4-6pm ET


Katya Davydova

Price: $250/person

Ticket is valid only for date purchased. It is not refundable or exchangeable.