Negotiation Skills, Sept 8th, 2021

Wednesday, September 8th • 4-6pm ET • $250

This workshop explores the science of negotiation, providing participants with the skills they need to be effective negotiators in everyday work life. This includes the ability to articulate what is needed and to create win-win situations for project requirements, deadlines, and team resources. Participants leave this workshop as more skillful communicators, in general.

Topics covered:
• The difference between competitive and collaborative negotiation, and when to select each
• Effective tactics in different types of negotiation scenarios
• Targeted practice identifying positions vs. interests, creating and avoiding anchors, and solving common negotiation dilemmas

After this workshop, participants will know how to:
• Assess their own negotiation style and flex to create a win-win situation
• Properly prepare for a negotiation
• Use tools and techniques to negotiate more effectively
• Feel confident in their ability to handle difficult negotiations

Workshop location

This workshop is taught online, with a live facilitator. Once you complete your payment, you’ll receive dial-in and worksheet links a few days prior to workshop.

What you'll need

To make the workshop a great experience for all, you will need:

1. Computer with functioning camera (so we can see you)

2. Headset with microphone (so we can hear you)

3. Pen and paper

4. A quiet place to dial in from

Details & Tickets


Wednesday, September 8th

4-6pm ET


Ashley Schwedt

Price: $250/person

Ticket is valid only for date purchased. It is not refundable or exchangeable.