CP – Career Growth, October 17, 2022

Monday, October 17th • 11am-1pm EDT • $250

Innovative, fast-growing organizations are constantly changing. This organizational reality means that there are rarely predictable “career ladders” to climb. Instead, career growth is more like rock climbing. It requires employees to collect a variety of skills and experiences and “own” their own development without expecting their manager to tell them how to grow. In this workshop, we teach the three things that research shows makes the biggest difference for individuals who successfully grow their careers: they understand their own strengths, they cultivate a diverse network, and they proactively build their skills.

During this workshop participants will:
• Experience a mindset shift about career growth (from ladder climbing to rock climbing)
• Identify their personal career priorities
• Complete a series of exercises to discover their strengths and energizers
• Identify gaps where they can build skills that support the team and organization
• Become aware of their opportunities to increase the diversity and openness of their network
• Walk away with a plan to increase growth in three Es: Experience, Education, Exposure

After this workshop, participants will know how to:
• Proactively identify opportunities to grow their careers
• Communicate their motivation and work interests to their manager
• Increase their social capital by diversifying their social network
• Identify skill development opportunities that benefit the team and/or company
• Make a case for taking on a stretch assignment

Workshop location

This workshop is taught online, with a live facilitator. Once you complete your payment, you’ll receive dial-in and worksheet links a few days prior to workshop.

What you'll need

To make the workshop a great experience for all, you will need:

1. Computer with functioning camera (so we can see you)

2. Headset with microphone (so we can hear you)

3. Pen and paper

4. A nice quiet place to dial in from

Details & Tickets


Monday, October 17th

11am-1pm EDT

Price: $250/person

Ticket is valid only for date purchased. It is not refundable or exchangeable.