Adaptivity & Resilience, October 6: 10am-12pm ET

Thursday, October 6th • 10-12pm ET • $250

When things are uncertain, many people freeze, make wrong decisions or feel overwhelmed. In this workshop, you will practice techniques to stay calm, clear-minded, and adaptive even when things are quickly changing. Skills include how to diagnose and optimize your default style under stress, how to make good decisions (even when information is confusing or limited), and how to create structure when things feel unstructured – for yourself and others. You will leave feeling more capable and prepared for whatever comes your way.

During this workshop, you will:
• Explore brain reactions to uncertainty, including common coping styles and movement patterns through the Kubler-Ross change curve.
• Dive into research on what expert ‘adapters’ do
• Analyze your default style under stress and know how to diagnose colleagues’ styles.
• Practice techniques to decrease anxiety on command.
• Practice scenario planning to decrease anxiety and increase strategic responding.
• Learn techniques to add structure and decision-making clarity in complex situations.

After this workshop, you will:
• Be equipped to effectively manage uncertainty and your reactions to it.
• Understand and use best practices that create structure for yourselves and others, even with limited information.

Workshop location

This workshop is taught online, with a live facilitator. Once you complete your payment, you’ll receive dial-in and worksheet links a few days prior to workshop.

What you'll need

To make the workshop a great experience for all, you will need:

1. Computer with functioning camera (so we can see you)

2. Headset with microphone (so we can hear you)

3. Pen and paper

4. A nice quiet place to dial in from

Details & Tickets


Thursday, October 6th

10-12pm ET


Kevin Knox

Price: $250/person

Ticket is valid only for date purchased. It is not refundable or exchangeable.