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We developed the Manager CORE by combining research in psychology with years of our own findings. The program consists of two parts, CORE 1 and CORE 2, and is designed to give participants core skills to become great managers.


Each CORE series is 4 workshops and a practice intensive (2 hours each, 10 participants max).

CORE 1: Coaching Skills

Learn the fundamental tool of great leaders: how to engage, empower, and improve performance in your direct reports by coaching them rather than telling them what to do. You’ll take part in a series of playful, science-based exercises to help your reports become more self-sufficient, resolve their own problems, and make more valuable contributions to your team.

CORE 1: Feedback Skills

Knowing how to give feedback that is specific, actionable, and inspiring is the hallmark of a great leader. You’ll discover the science of feedback and practice giving and asking for effective feedback, even in tough situations.

CORE 1: Productivity & Prioritization

This workshop bundles the most effective techniques for working smarter when time and resources are limited. You’ll learn to diagnose your and your team’s productivity challenges and walk away with tools for improving time awareness, prioritization, organization, and focus for yourself and others.

CORE 1: Effective 1-1s

The 1-1 is the best opportunity for tracking your direct reports’ engagement and development, but most of us don’t put this time to good use. You’ll walk away from this workshop with a plan for how to transform your 1-1s into productive, motivating, and energizing sessions.

Manager Intensive (Practice Session 1)

3 months later – at the critical point in the learning cycle when new skills start to fade, assess CORE 1 skills and take them to the next level by practicing and applying them to challenging scenarios.

CORE 2: Strategic Thinking

When things move fast, it’s easy to get stuck in a short-term mindset. To scale and collaborate well, you and your team need to think and execute strategically. Test and sharpen your problem solving, goal setting, and strategic thinking habits.

CORE 2: Meetings Mastery

We spend so much of our time in unproductive meetings. Imagine how you and your team would change if the quality of each of your meetings improved. You’ll learn how to quickly diagnose your meeting problems and collect advanced facilitation skills to make any meeting more energizing and productive.

CORE 2: Leading Change

Change is the only constant in innovative organizations, so we need to know how to handle it well and help others adapt. In this workshop, you’ll discover what happens neurologically when we experience change, and learn easy techniques to reduce resistance and increase inspiration, commitment, and decisive action in yourself and others. You will practice devising solutions and crafting communication using a change template that makes you a more effective and inspiring leader.

CORE 2: People Development

Do you know how to bring out the best in your reports? In this workshop, you will learn how to structure the types of conversations your direct reports crave, in just a few minutes each week. You’ll walk away with tools to help coach your reports to craft their roles, find opportunities for growth, and create a skill development plan for themselves even when there are no clear career paths available.

Manager Intensive (Practice Session 2)

3 months later – assess CORE 2 skills and take part in a series of tough practice drills and case studies to refresh and deepen strategic management capabilities.

brainstorming_1_blueWhat differentiates your most effective individual contributors? It turns out that just a few key skills tip over into a wide range of roles and contexts. The IC Essentials program equips your individual contributors with these skills, resulting in personal and organizational success.

Each workshop is 2 hours, 30 participants max.

Feedback Skills

High quality feedback is at the heart of personal and organizational growth, but most of us hesitate to share feedback and don’t receive nearly enough. You’ll practice the science and art of giving, receiving, and asking for effective feedback. You’ll walk away with tools and confidence for discussing feedback (even in tough situations) and creating growth opportunities for yourself and others.

Career Growth

What do you really want in your career? Come to the workshop ready to do some serious thinking about this question. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your motivators, collect ideas on how to grow your network, and identify opportunities to increase your skills. You’ll walk away with a personal growth plan (even if there are no clear career paths available) and confidence in your ability to take charge of your career.

lifelabs-events-204_blueGive your employees what they crave: access to ongoing enrichment and connection to coworkers across the your entire organization.

All-Staff workshops can be tailored for IC, manager, team, or mixed audiences.

Influential Communication

Research reveals that one of the most valuable (but least known) abilities you need to communicate and influence effectively is inquiry skills: how to use the right question at the right moment. You’ll deepen your question skills so that you instinctively word questions in ways that earn influence, resolve problems, and motivate people to take action.

Productivity & Prioritization

This workshop bundles the most effective techniques for working smarter when time and resources are limited. You’ll learn to diagnose your own productivity challenges and walk away with tools for improving your time awareness, prioritization, organization, and focus.

Emotion Regulation

One of the key skills that sets apart the most effective individuals is their ability to regulate their emotions. In this workshop, you will be put to the test as you experience a series of stressful (but fun!) scenarios. You will develop a richer understanding of your emotional strengths and triggers, and you will walk away with new tools for self-control, staying calm under pressure, and transforming hurt feelings into opportunities for growth and connection.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a stubborn and often difficult fact of life. This is especially true in the workplace where we navigate difficult conversations on a regular basis. Instead of avoiding or mismanaging conflict, we should set it to work for us. This workshop is designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills to constructively manage conflict and collect tools that turn conflict into connection.

Advanced Listening Skills

Knowing how to listen well and what to listen for impacts all areas of work and life. When you increase your listening skills, you increase your ability to influence, problem solve, resolve conflict, and create rapport. Conversations deepen, flow, and take on new dimensions. In this workshop, you’ll test your listening skills and collect tools for listening on increasingly deeper levels (including hearing needs and feelings that the speaker hasn’t put into words).

  • Specialized audiences
  • Coaching
  • Organizational consulting