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The first step is to Apply Online!

Let us know your skills, knowledge, and passion when filling out the online application (we care more about what you can do than what you have done). We care deeply about fair and inclusive hiring. Our goal is to create opportunities for candidates to shine because of — not in spite of — their unique backgrounds, experiences, and identities.

Depending on the role you apply for, the interview process will look a little different! Here are some stages you can expect (the exact interview process for each role will be listed in each job posting). Typically, each role has 2-3 phases (not including the application phase).


Meet a Labmate via a video call! Do a live demo so you can test out the role, and we can see you in action (e.g., lead a mini-workshop or a consulting call). We’ll give feedback to make sure it’s a good learning opportunity.

Working Session

Do a self-led working session to get a sense of the role and give us an opportunity to see your skills in action.

Research & Application Interview/ Knowledge Assessment

We’ll ask you questions to find out your areas of expertise and domains of knowledge.

Role & Values Interview

Meet a Labmate via a video call and join a behavioral interview related to the role and our company values.

Behind the Scenes: Here’s how we make it happen

  • We partner with recruiting companies to connect with candidates from underrepresented communities.
  • We screen our job descriptions for biased language.
  • We prioritize observable skills and knowledge over experience, recognizing that transferable skills don’t have to come from one specific type of employment or education background.
  • We structure our interview process to reduce the impact of bias in everything from interview framing to candidate debriefs.
  • We use a distributed decision-making model to reduce bias.
  • We have a transparent compensation system: standardized salaries, company-wide bonuses.
  • We use standardized onboarding to give dedicated support, development, and opportunities for relationship-building.

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Want to apply but not sure if you’d be the right fit? If we sound like the right place for you, we want to hear from you. There is no ‘perfect’ candidate and we welcome all applications. Feel free to drop us a line at!